Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

You better believe email marketing is still relevant. In fact, we see our highest return on investment of all our advertising dollars from our email campaigns.

The average person receives 121 emails in a day. Now, the challenge with email marketing is standing out in an already flooded email inbox, and then if you manage to get your reader to open that email, you need to provide something worthwhile enough for them to not click that fancy little "unsubscribe" button we legally need to make super easy to find on an email list.

So, what's the draw to email marketing as opposed to social media and search engine advertising? Let's break it down into a few things we have noticed and why we still love email marketing.

1. They Are Already Interested, or Have Already Been A Customer.

If you have their email, and you actually acquired it fairly and properly (read: didn't buy the email address, yes you can do that) then your email recipient knows who you are and is likely already interested in something you offer. Return customers are far easier to sell again as opposed to a new customer so emailing to your current customer list is much more effective right off the top, and selling to a warm lead as opposed to a cold lead (someone who's already shown interest) is also much easier to complete. Because at the end of the day, it's all about eventually making a sale.

2. Customers Like To Stay Informed

If you are offering new services, discounts, free information about your products, or even just general knowledge in your area it's more likely your customers will continue to open your emails. If all you do is shamelessly promote products over and over, well that's how you lose subscribers, but if you are using your email list to promote value to your subscribers, they will not only continue to read your emails but also keep you in mind when they are ready to make a purchase.

3. Email Is Simple To Do

Lets face it, when it comes to marketing it's challenging work. Building graphics for social media, making videos to post on snapchat and facebook, running your google adwords campaigns, it all becomes a little overwhelming. But email, we all send multiple emails every day. It's second nature. And with a good email marketing system it becomes even easier to make beautiful, easy to read emails that you can track and monitor.

4. It's Trackable

Yes, email is just as trackable as your website if you are doing it correctly. We monitor all our emails, we can tell who looks at them and who doesn't. We can tell if they clicked on links, or calls to action. We know who's interested in who isn't and we can market effectively based on that information.

5. It Can Be Automated

Building an automated email campaign can be a process, however if you spend the time (or hire someone) to produce a strong automated email campaign then you can essentially set it and forget it for a while. We run all kinds of automated email campaigns that allow us to provide valuable content to our subscribers based on actions they take in other emails. You opened our email about S.E.O, we will then automatically ensure you receive our other emails about S.E.O. Oh look, in this email you clicked a link related to social media marketing? Let's make sure you get our future emails about social media marketing. Our email system is incredibly powerful and extrememly affordable and has all the tracking and automating features we describe, however there are many email platforms available that can meet your needs.

Email marketing is still an extrememly effective method of converting leads into customers, extremely targeted and if used correctly can be of incredible value to the reader. And in the end, every marketing campaign should create value to your audience.

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