Pinterest Adds Search Advertising

Pinterest Adds Search Advertising

On January 31, 2017 Pinterest has rolled out a new update allowing businesses to advertise directly on searches.

This is an incredible opportunity for people who sell products, as Pinterest is a massive resource for people who browse for ideas before actually making purchases. Everything from home renovations to clothing trends (heck, I even like to browse Pinterest for suits and dress clothes before I head to a store).

According to Pinterests announcement, they have 2 billion searches a month! And 97% of those searches are non-branded ( think "mens shirts" instead of "ralph lauren shirts" ). This is a powerful thing to know, especially for smaller and newer businesses attempting to sell products that may not have a big brand name attached to them.

Right now, ads are bidding very low compared to Facebook and Google, and I'm sure it will not take long to see these bids increase in price as more people begin to use them. But if you have a product or service to sell, now is an amazing time to jump on board and see what kind of return on investments you can get.

We are jumping in with both feet, and will be keeping you all posted on our opinions.

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