Why Do Analytics Matter?

Why Do Analytics Matter?

The most powerful part of a website is the ability to track every single piece of information related to your site, your visitors, and how it gets used. This is what sets web traffic apart from all other forms of offline marketing.

When we make decisions about website changes, before we do anything we always look at our analytics to see what's working, what isn't, and what could possibly happen if we were to make the adjustment we want. Lets look at a quick example: Lets say we have an online clothing store

Now, lets say we are finding that our store is not converting many sales and we are curious what is happening. With full analytics, there would be 3 main areas we would look at before making changes to the website: First would be "Aquisition" which tells us how we are getting our website visitors (keywords, are they coming from search traffic, social media, or just typing in the domain name directly. Next would be "Exit Pages" which tells us what pages the website visitor is leaving your website on. Lastly, the "Visitor Flow" which shows us exactly how they navigate your website, and what the pattern is. Do they look at one page, or 3 pages. What are those 3 pages, and what is the order.

Using that information we can adjust how your website is laid out to correct issues. A perfect example of this is a checkout system for a shopping cart... occasionally we encounter websites with a multiple page checkout system:

  1. View Cart
  2. Enter shipping information
  3. Enter Payment Information
  4. Confirm Order
  5. Thank You Page

We can view the customer flow and notice the problems. Say for example 60% of the visitors are exiting on the confirm order page, we could view that and make a change as needed, perhaps we eliminate that page. Maybe that page appears as though the order is already placed and so no one is clicking the "confirm order button". There's always a reason, and with analytics we can find where the issues are.

We offer full analytics with all our website packages, because this information is critical to ensuring your website is performing the way it's supposed to.

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