What Is PPC Search Campaigns?

Pay Per Click (PPC) search advertisments are the quick and dirty (though not always cheap) way to have your website at the top of a search engine result page. Using an extrememly finessed list of keywords and multiple ad variations, we constantly watch the ads which get clicks, which don't, which cost more and which cost less, and we make adjustments to the campaigns keeping your costs low and your impressions high.

By using PPC campaigns, you can get yourself to the top of Google on page 1 without waiting for Google to index your page, assess your domain authority and hope your S.E.O. is better than your competitors.

PPC campaigns are not an alternative to strong search engine optimization, but they are a way to boost your visibility while your S.E.O. is being evaluated or updated.

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Pay Per Click Search Campaigns

Creating effective search ads, getting clicks for the lowest bid possible on the most relevant search networks
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Just running a search ad is the equivalent of "boosting" a Facebook post. It might help you reach a few new people but if you use all the extra features made available to you, the advertisements can be so much more powerful than just a "click here please" type of link.

Buy utilizing advertising extensions, connected to locations and profiles we are able to turn your search campaign into a powerful, user friendly and sales converting link. Why just have a link to your home page when your search ad can literally be link to purchase your product. By using all the available features for search ads we can give your customers the information they want instantly, clearly, and track all of it. This keeps your costs down while maximizing your earning potential.