What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization ( S.E.O. ) is the art of using extremely specific code to explain what every section on your website is to a search engine. We call it an art, because it takes practice, touchups, tweaking and following the ever changing guidelines supplied to us as developers to ensure your website ranks as high as possible for a relevant search.

Search engines such as Google and Bing are incredibly complex systems, that using everything from file names to reading the actual content on your pages. They then using computer learning and specific algorithms to determine what a website is actually talking about, and then matching that to each specific search from a visitor. Trying to "game the system" is virtually impossible, and if you are caught the punishments are deadly (never appearing in search results). Therefore, doing S.E.O. correctly, using every technique possible, is the only sure way to be found without risk of penalty.

Stuctured for Search Engines
Is this an article, or a story. A podcast or a song, a music video or a teaching video. We have ways of telling search engines exactly what each piece of content is.
Correct HTML Tags... Everywhere
Search engines don't just read your content, they read the code behind it to determine what is important, what is less important, what is relevant and what is not to each search.
Tweaked For Social Media
Search entails so much more than just Google. Social Networks, Virtual Assistants (like Apple Siri), and less known search engines all read your content differently. We provide data for all of them.
Free SEO Audit
S.E.O. Audit

Curious how your current website stacks up?

We offer one free S.E.O. Audit for each website, to see where you succeed and where there could be improvements.

  • Track Down 404 "Missing Page" Errors
  • Find Duplicate Content
  • 44 Different Issues Checked

How can you get to the top of Search results?

There are many factors that go into search result algorithms, and that magic which all search engines do is a closely guarded secret. No one knows exactly how to get to the top, but they do tell us a few important factors.

  • How fast does your website load?
  • Does it work properly on mobile devices?
  • Is your content unique, or copied from someone?
  • Is your content relevant to the search?
  • How many reliable websites link back to your site?
  • Is your website coded properly so we can
How Do You Stack Up?

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