How Do You Maximize Your Social Media

Social Media is an incredible opportunity to engage with your customers; past, present and future. Having a good understanding of the different networks, and knowing which ones to utilzie depends on your target market and what demographic they fall into?

Business has changed, and you can no longer expect your customers to find you where you want to be found... it's time that you need to be where they are. This means if they are on Twitter, you need to be on Twitter. It doesn't matter how much you despise a particular network, if you aren't having a presence online where your customers are you will be left behind.

We work with you to understand the different networks, how to use them correctly and effectively and how to capture potential customers in the new online social world.

15 - 25 Years Old
If you are targeting the younger market segment, Instagram and Snapchat are your networks. More and more we are seeing the younger ages leave the larger networks like Facebook and Twitter, for more visual, personal and interactive networks.
25 - 50 Years Old
Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. This market segement is rooted deep in the largest social network (Facebook), and for good reason. They go where their friends are, and if all your friends are on Facebook, so will you be. Instagram, being owned by Facebook is deeply integrated into the platform, therefore is very active in this age segement. Pinterest as well has a strong hold on the female segment in this age group.
50+ years old
Facebook is the place to be for the older generation. They are on to keep up with their children, who are likely now having grand children. They love pictures of their family, and tend to scroll much slower that younger viewers which give advertisements more leverage in this demographic.
Social Networks
So Many Networks!

Do I Need To Use Every Social Network?

The honest answer to this is no, but the more networks you use will grow your online presence. In our experience, you are better to use one or two social networks regularily, than use all of them minimally. As we mentioned earlier, which networks you should be active on depends on your target demographic.

Which Networks Do We Consult Regularily?

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Linked In
  • Youtube
  • Google Plus
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