What Are Analytics and Why Are They Important

Website analytics are incredibly in depth tracking information about your visitors and how they use your website.

Having a good understanding of your website analytics allows you to make data driven decisions about your website. Everything from content layout, which images you use on a website and how they can affect your online results, how your visitors travel through your website, where they are coming from, how they find your website, and literally everything else.

We thrive on analytics. This is what makes your website such a powerful resource, because you can understand every step your customer takes and then adjust when you recognize something that isn't performing the way you would like it too.

Visitor Information
Website analytics allow us to know all kinds of details about your visitors. We know their age, gender, location, what pages they look at and how long they spend on each page. We use this information to ensure visitors are following a pattern that leads to them becoming actual customers instead of just browsing your website.
Keywords and Aquisition
We want to know how your visitors found your website. Was it a Google search? If so, what keywords did they search to end up on your page? Did they come from a social media link? Did they click on a paid post or search ad? Was it from a newsletter? We can find all these details which help us improve low performing areas, while growing the high performing areas.
Technology and Benchmarks
We track what devices your visitors use, and we aren't talking about "Phones, Desktops and Tablets". We know what browser they use, the model of their phone, what internet provider they use, and so much more. We then cross reference that with other information to find weak areas... for example if all your visitors using a small screen phone are leaving after 2 seconds we know there is probably a reason and we can find why that's happening and correct it.
Website Analytics
Is This Legal?

Absolutely! Visitor Tracking is common practice

Although we know everything about the visitor, we never know who the visitor actually is. This keeps everything safe for both your business, and your visitors.

Everyone wants to have the best experience when viewing a website, and by understanding your visitors and how they engage with your website, we are able to adjust to their usage patterns, ensuring they find what they are searching for, which in turn brings you business. It's a win for everyone!

Website Analytics
Do I Really Need This Much Data?

Besides Website Data, Why Does This Matter?

Analytics not only has it's uses for ensuring your website is performing the way you intended, but having analytics also allows us to watch and track your online advertisements to ensure they are working for you. Whether it's a Google Adwords campaign or a sponsored post on Facebook, you want to know that it's converting customers. If all you do is monitor clicks and views, you really don't know if those visitors are becoming paying clients. Without analytics, it's the same as radio; you really have no idea who heard it, did they actually contact you and become a paying customer, or is it just wasted capital.

Curious About Analytics?

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