Everyone is fighting for the coveted position of first result on the first page of Google’s SERP (search engine result page). Well, for all search engines (Bing, Yahoo, etc). But Google, with 77% of the worlds search traffic is easily the most coveted.

We spend hours and hours developing SEO (search engine optimization) strategies to ensure your page is found, indexed, and displayed for search results. This is a big point when we develop websites, making sure every tag is correct, every description is accurate and every image is labeled. But that isn’t always enough to get you to the top of an SERP.

Search engines have incredibly complex algorithms which determine the best content to display based on the searcher’s browsing history, location, time of day, and then comparing that to your content, titles, descriptions and actual content. This is a wonderful thing for the searcher, because they will see relevant and actual content at the top, and lets face it Google is really good and putting the right content at the top of the search results.

Now, part of those algorithms is based on your Page Authority. This factors in all kinds of extra information you would never think is relevant to a search. How fast does your page load, is it served from a secure server (SSL Encryption), what’s your bounce rate on that page, etc. But one key factor which is what really hinders new businesses in being discovered by search, is your websites age.

Yes, how long you have had your website is a big factor in how relevant Google thinks you are, and for good reason. A website that has been online for a decade is likely far more respected than a new website that’s been online for a month. And this is a big reason we strongly encourage a search campaign to go along with a new website launch.

SEO takes time to build, and while search engines are figuring out what your website is, what the content is about, and collecting data on what your website visitors do, it’s nearly impossible to find your website on page one of a search engine result page. So, while this trust is being developed with the search engines, a small search ads campaign can ensure your website is seen by the people you want it to be seen by.

In time, you will likely be able to reduce your search ads spending as long as you continue to have strong SEO on your website. However, that’s completely dependent on your market and location, and your competitors. If you are in an area with many competitors, and your competitors have more domain authority than you, they will still be placed higher on those SERP’s. But, with a paid ad, you can jump to the top regardless of your competition.

Paid search campaigns are great tools, and can be as affordable as you need them to be. We offer some great search campaign programs if you don’t have the time or energy to invest in a good campaign.