Facebook Pages are a very important part of any social media campaign. Facebook is the worlds largest social network, by a significant amount, and depending on how you look at it this is either a great thing or a horrible thing. So lets dive a little deeper into Facebook Pages, and why we think they have now become a Pay To Play game in your online presence.

Facebook is a force, and a force that you need to be a part of. They have over 1 billion users, they have incredible insights (analytics) you can track and follow, and on top of it all they still are very affordable in a marketing sense.

However, Facebook also knows that people don’t come to their site to see company posts about their products. And this is why we believe if you really want to grow your Facebook page, it’s time (and it’s worth it) to invest some money into sponsored posts and Facebook Ads.

Now, we don’t use the “boost” button very often. Boosting is a generic promotion where Facebook will try to guess what people want to see your post, and although you will see a big leap in your impressions (views) it doesn’t always get you to your target audience. By using the actual Facebook Ads section, you can target people much more specifically.

Lets say you are a clothing store and you want to market your new line of men’s dress socks. By hitting boost, you are essentially telling Facebook to show this to followers of your page, and friends of those followers. This may work out great if every one of your followers is men who wear dress socks, but if you are a full clothing store with mens, womens and childrens clothing you are likely wasting valuable impressions and dollars promoting those dress socks to people who will never buy them. However, in the Facebook Ads area, you can tell Facebook to only run that advertisement to men, to women who are married to a man (cause we all know those women are buying their husbands socks anyway), and limit it to ages that might actually wear those dress socks which likely isn’t a 14 year old male.

If you were to just post your promotion on your page, it’s highly unlikely you would reach any new customers. But by using a sponsored post (Facebook Ad) you can reach out to an entirely new segment of people, most who have likely never heard of your page before. The amount of growth you see is directly related to your ad budget, but the other beauty of Facebook is you don’t need to spend thousands to see results. You can run a campaign with $20 and see how it works out… and if it works just run it again with a bigger budget.

The days of organic reach for businesses are quickly drawing to an end. Now is the time to jump on board the sponsored post train and begin to see real growth in your Facebook presence.